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28 March 2019

Museum Garage is a multi-level parking area which can hold 800 vehicles, designed by the studio Tim Haahs and is […]

4 March 2019

Second appointment for Zazzeri with the ARCHITECT @ WORK event: from 13 to 14 March present at the Barcelona edition. […]

25 February 2019

At first sight, Marina One reminds you a rectangular, massive and dark fortress.  Actually, they are four angular separated towers […]

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A reserved area designed specifically for professional clients, where you can check in real time all the information related to each individual Zazzeri product, from the availability of immediately deliverable merchandise, to the dedicated promotional activities, from the technical diagrams of the products up to the verification of the order fulfillment status. To access you must be accredited by Zazzeri with a special user name and password.