Data sheet


Cod: 33000802A00
2-way concealed thermostatic mixer - concealed parts
Cod: 3300Y407AA0
In-line concealed valves - external parts
Cod: 3300T550AA0
Concealed thermostatic mixer - external parts
Cod: 3300Q419A04
Handshower set, with Diam. 30mm handshower, water outlet and support
Cod: 3300T623A00
Ceiling-mounted shower head - 700mm
Cod: 3300B110A00
Ceiling-mounted - concealed part
Cod: 3300SO05A00
Ceiling-mounted revolving tubolar showerhead with Flyfall

Finishes available

Special finishes on request save minimum guaranteed quantities

brush steel


Progetto: "JK21"